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Masters in Animation 

Course Length: 2 Years 

Degree: Masters accredited by UGC 

Eligibility: Graduate Degree

Develop your signature style and explore the conceptual contexts of your work in our  Animation Masters degree course.

If you’re ready to test the boundaries of the possibilities of Animation in the 21st century and push your personal and professional philosophy to new limits, this postgraduate course will provide the ideal platform.

Graduates work in a broad range of careers including

  • Animator
  • Producer
  • SFX
  • Animator
  • Designer
  • Editor
  • Art Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Compositor
  • Character Designer
  • Background Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Prop Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Modeller
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Colour Co-ordinator
  • Lighting Supervisor
1st Semester – 24 credits 2nd Semester – 22 credits
Drawing Concepts Advanced Photoshop & Texturing
Pre -Production Anatomy For Animation
Digital Art & Design – Theory Cel Animation – Practical
Digital Art Design – Practical Principles Of Animation, Media Laws & Ethics
Introduction To Pc Skills And Programming Film Analysis
Drawing With Computer 2d Animation
3rd Semester – 24 credits 4th Semester – 22 credits
Introduction To 3d Studio Max Introduction To Maya
3d Modeling In Max 3d Modeling In Maya
Shading & Texturing In Max Shading & Texturing In Maya
Lighting & Camera Techniques In Max Character Setup & Rigging In Maya
Videography Lighting & Camera Techniques In Maya
Introduction To Mel Scripting

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