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Let’s Grow Together

Today we can all benefit by collaborating and building a community of design enthusiasts. Only when we all come together, share our thoughts and ideas and partner can we bring abou meaningful change. INSD is always on a lookout to collaborate with ambitious Brands, people and products which can help our students in their journey to becoming designer

For Brands

INSD aims to take education a level notch higher for students and make them industry ready to prove their caliber in the Design Industry. Several prominent speakers from the industry visit the Institute to hold interactive workshops & Seminars and share their experience with the students.

INSD enables students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in an expeditiously dynamic society. Students collaborate with peers, industry partners, and communities around the world, a global center of design and innovation. All INSD industry partners are part of the mission to prepare and inspire students to bring about positive change in the world.

For Designers

Join hands with INSD for specific neiches. Is your design firm facing a dearth in talent, the students coming out of design schools lacking skills essential to survive in your sector? Connect with us and our management and academic director will help you with the right talent and will also be open to discussing adding a specific course for you.

You can reach us at

For Industry Tie Ups

Take your recruitment a notch higher with INSD’s specialized courses. A course where you can mould our undergraduate and graduate students for your specific needs. The course content for these courses are made in collaboration with you and trains students for specific skills. Throughout the 3-6 month program you can access student work and progress to decide which students are a good fit for you.

You can reach us at

For Franchise Partners

Visit our Franchise page to learn about opening an INSD center in your city.

For franchise inquiries you can reach us at

For Online Courses

INSD Always ON is currently under development. This module will help students across the World access our specialty courses digitally. More information on this will updated soon.

For Influencers/Aspiring models

If you are an influencer or an aspiring model you can mail us your portfolios. INSD regularly organises and participates in Fashion Shows and digital events. Even though INSD works with experienced professional models, we make sure that each of our show has a minimum of 40% of new aspiring models showcasing our students’ work.

So if you are looking for your first break or are still exploring waters feel free to mail us your portfolios. All of our selected models and influencers are paid.

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