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INSD Paris Project 2019

For the 2019 batch that opted for the study tour it was a Summer of Fashion. The program not only helped them explore Paris through the eyes of designers but also got them to collaborate and work with Parisian students. They attended workshops and classes and toured the country to meet various designers and get insights on their work. 

The Paris Program

A 14 day program where the group visited Paris, Nice, French Riviera, Cannes, Monte Carlo and Grasse (Prefume Capital of the World) Several workshops and meets were planned in each of these cities including workshops on innovation, image makeover and iconic bags. The students also got a free day to visit Disney World and relive their childhood.


Guided visit to the Yves-Saint Laurent exhibit 

Masterclasses on Interior Design & Decoration

Morphology & Style masterclass by Eva Wagner

Colours Masterclass by Marion Coqueblin

Interior Design from the Orient to Occident workshop

Workshops on Image Consulting


The Research Project

The attending students complied a project report on “The Styles of Paris” These reports were a wonderful example of students showcasing their experience. It also showed how they had evolved during the Paris tour and their design thinking matured.

The Paris Project


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