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Sector:  Jewellery | Art

Expert:  Ms. Pankhuri Bhasin, Founder & Director, Bijouxpedia

Date:  26th May 2021

The session touched on the subject of luxury Auctions and Art. This discussion was quite new to the students who had no or little knowledge of working of the luxury auction houses and art galleries. Ms. Pankhuri Bhasin, a connoisseur about the luxury auction house and the types of art galleries, led the session. She began the session by clarifying what an auction is. Then she told the students about the various types of luxury auctions and auction houses in India and abroad.

She specifically mentioned Christie’s and Sotheby’s and how they are the best and top players in the world. She advised the students to research the brand history and also to understand their work. She also educated the students on various art forms and types of artists. Overall, it was an interesting session where students got to know the scenes of the Art world!

*These Masterclasses are scheduled every Wednesday for the MiLuxBM Program Students with Industry Expert from various luxury fields. To be part of such interactive sessions Register here


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