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Fashion Week 2019

Fashion Week is an integral part of the curriculum at INSD. It is mandatory for our Fashion Design Bachelors and Masters student to take part and showcase their work on the ramps. This prepares them for the industry and gives them hands on experience of the fashion industry. 

Behind the Scenes

Weeks leading up to the Fashion Week are crucial. Professors and staff work with Student teams to get their work ramp ready. INSD campus is buzzing during this time at all hours as students realize and take up the challenge of preparing for the ramp.

Final touches, last minute changes, anger, frustration, excitement and euphoria! All form a part of this expereince.

On the Day

Participating in a fashion show is by no means a small task and when the show is as big as the Fashion Week 2019 it becomes a herculean task. However, our experienced faculty are always along side students to assist them and help them overcome their nerves.



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