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International School of Design today has over 55 franchises locations and has been rated as one of the top education franchise opportunity by Franchise India. If you are interested in foraying into the education space and share a common love of design, explore our various models to see which excites you the most. 

Higher education in India is undergoing considerable change. With over 600 million people in India under 25 years old, the system is under tremendous pressure to expand. India’s young population has a huge appetite for education and, as the growth in the size of the middle classes escalates, millions are increasingly able to pay for it. By 2020, India will have the largest tertiary-age population in the World and will have the second largest graduate talent pipeline globally.

Enrollement in alternate course has been on a healthy rise. No longer is Engineering and B Com the only choice for students. Design and art courses have gained significant importance and will continue to do so. Better quality jobs and placements make design courses extremely lucrative for students.

International School of Design, with it’s international collaborations provides robust education and has carved out a niche for itself over the last decade. Our franchise enjoy the benefits of our academic and management expertise. Don’t take our word for it. Schedule a visit and talk to our Franchise Partners!

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The Tell-tale Signs of a great Franchise

  • One that pays for itself in 2 years
  • One that is trusted by over 50 partners across the country
  • One that has won a National Award for the best design school
  • One that offers degree programs
  • One that has an alumni base in thousands

Message from Our Founder

I look forward to helping you achieve your entrepreneurial goals as we work together as partners in an extremely lucrative education design sector. For further information or to arrange an informal chat Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me personally. e-mail:

Sunjey Aggarwal


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