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INSD was established in 2011. 11 students enrolled at our Delhi campus and from there began our journey. Our mission from Day 1 was  to become a specialist school for arts, design and media in India by following the highest international standards and regularly working with the best minds of the industry globally. In 2013 our first franchise center opened up and we also hosted in the first fashion show. The journey continued and in 2014 we signed our first international MOU. Today we work with several colleges from around Europe and the United States and are students get the opportunity to present regularly at prestigious shows across. 

Our alumni are working for some of the biggest names in the industry and have contributed to some iconic designs. They have founded design firms that are excelling and transcending boundaries. 

55+ centers across 19 states and an alumni strength that runs into thousands. Yes, we have come a long way from the 11 students way back in 2011. But we remain committed to further growing as a design school by constantly evolving our teaching practises and upgrading our resources. 

Message from Our Founder

International School of Design has established itself in arts, design and media education over the last 8 years. With our forward-thinking approach and innumerable foreign collaborations, INSD has successfully carved out a niche for itself.  From over 55 city centre campuses across the nation that boast cutting-edge facilities, to an approach to teaching which saw us awarded best design school in India. Our reputation is well earned. 

INSD has thrived as a Design School, developing a national reputation as an innovative and  creative academic community, with a firm commitment to offering vocational practice based courses that provide students’ space to develop their skills and pursue their passion. 

At the heart of it all is our students and faculty members, who bring on board diverse interests and unique perspectives that  make INSD a hotbed of creative inspiration. 

Sunjey Aggarwal

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