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Luxury Automotives

Sector: Automobiles

Expert: Mr. Tushar Sharma, Import & Export Coordinator at Richemont

Date: 2nd June 2021

Mr. Tushar Sharma, who has extensive knowledge of the luxury auto sector, conducted the Masterclass.

He walked the students through his experiences with various brands in the automobile industry. He was open and honest about the Sales profile, highlighting how challenging it can be in a competitive market. However, he also mentioned benefits and rewards to it. He showed the students some excellent videos of how Land Rover as a brand coming up with brilliant engines and new concept vehicles. The overall session was completely impressive. He also briefed the students on the engines and specifications that the brand adopts. The students found the session was very educational from the Automobile and sales point of view.

*These Masterclasses are scheduled every Wednesday for the MiLuxBM Program Students with Industry Expert from various luxury fields. To be part of such interactive sessions Register here


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