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INSD’s International Partners

INSD joins hands with International Business School of Washington and College De Paris to give students greater exposure

The International School of Design (INSD) is proud to announce its partnership with the International Business School of Washington (IBSW) and College De Paris (CDP) through a webinar on September 7, 2021. The partnership will offer students study programmes in Dubai, Paris, Washington and Lyon. As part of the webinar, INSD founder Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal, director Mr. Pranav Raj Aggarwal, vice-president of CDP Mr. Guillaume Finck and IBSW founder Mr. Vinay Lamba spoke on the collaboration and what students can expect.
Shedding some light on the paradigm shift in the design industry, Mr. Aggarwal said, “Today, youngsters look at the design industry as one of the most promising and sorted industries for making their careers.” He went on to add that students want international exposure to become global designers. “We wanted to become partners with IBSW and CDP because we wanted the students of INSD to get the best-of-the-best exposure and the best facilities so they can go out and call themselves global designers,” he added.
Mr. Pranav said, “Students have started taking global education seriously. Parents, families and students have started investing in the education of students which becomes extremely interesting to see because now, when they come back to India, they bring a lot of exposure and that is how they will be able to create innovations and disruptions in various fields.”

Speaking on the aim behind bringing IBSW to India and the kind of values he wishes to instil in INSD students as part of the programme, Mr. Lamba said, “I wanted to bring IBSW to India as there were certain gaps that I wanted to help youngsters, through my experience, to overcome and it would be the best way to give back to society. Rather than focussing so much on education the focus should be on learning. The world economy nowadays does not pay you for what you know but for what you can do.” He added that they were looking for ways to make higher education more affordable and accessible to everyone. He said there were three areas he focussed on when bringing IBSW to India: the first is for students who want to go abroad and gain exposure, the second being to help students unable to go abroad due to financial constraints among others, to do half the programme there and the third being able to help students study the curriculum taught abroad, without travelling there.

Responding to a question on the kind of values he wants to add to his students’ lives, Mr. Finck said, “CDP, as an education network, carries three core values. The first one— we have a social mission, and whether it’s helping disabled students, we give back to the community in the form of scholarships or in any other way. The second one— we are open with an international vision and the third one — learning by doing.” He added that they were connecting French knowhow with Indian knowhow.

“INSD became so successful in the past 10 years because of the kind of knowledge we give students. As part of the programme, our students will always be taken care of and they will always feel at home wherever they are. When you send a student abroad for the first time, for them to move out of their comfort zone, they need someone like them who is part of the same family. That was what we saw in the partnership. What we did here in the partnership was giving students a choice between long-term or short-term programmes. That is what sets this programme apart,” said Mr. Aggarwal, in response to a query on what makes the programme unique.

Mr. Pranav added that one of the best things about the programme was the flexibility. “If in four years, a student has an opportunity to study and live in three or four different countries as part of the programme, it’s a lot of exposure and a vast amount of knowledge gained.”
In conclusion, Mr. Finck said that the students of the programme were getting the gift of freedom to study anywhere, to live anywhere, to see life and culture and expand their horizons, and the freedom to decide how their lives will play out. “The value of a degree is not much without values. Those values are the abilities the candidates of these programmes will be able to give themselves and to be able to scale the pyramid of intellect and understanding. What this programme gives everyone is a change of perspective on ethics, integrity, moral value and business, and also a sense of perspective in the ability to take a step back.”


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