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How to setup Luxury brands in India

Sector: Business | Strategy

Expert: Mr. Rajat Bhattacharya, Luxury Aristocrat

Date: 5th May 2021

The session was purely on luxury brands and how to set up luxury brands in India.

Mr. Rajat, a well-known Indian luxury icon, led the masterclass. He has over 42 years of experience in the luxury and fashion industries, having worked in various capacities in India and abroad. Mr. Rajat began the session with an icebreaker activity to relax the students. He provided insight into the dos and don’ts of establishing and operating luxury shops in India. He also informed the students about the difficulties associated with government regulations that must be met before even considering entering the hypercompetitive Indian luxury market.

He provided the students with great clarity and perspective, as well as tips and secrets for successfully entering the market.

*These Masterclasses are scheduled every Wednesday for the MiLuxBM Program Students with Industry Expert from various luxury fields. To be part of such interactive sessions Register here


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