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Be Fashionable

If you are a fashionista, one who loves to show off the coolest fashion trends that get people talking, you should look to turn your passion into a career opportunity. I mean it – why waste your talent when you can showcase your brilliance to the world, when you can leverage your skills to earn yourself a name and fame. Because like it or not, you may be getting lots of pats on your back and accolades from your peers, friends and family members, but in order to make things official, you need the stamp and the right direction and guidance from industry experts. Which is precisely why you ought to look for the best design or best fashion college out there.

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This brings us to how you can narrow down the options when it comes to selecting the best colleges in the country. See if you are into fashion design and technology, you need to be in touch with the latest developments in the industry. While you can be extremely talented, what you will most certainly need is the support and supervision of fashion industry veterans. You know, the kind of people who have probably designed shoes and clothes for celebrities like David Beckham or Rihanna. The sort of people who you should be dreaming they become your mentors some day.

And guess what, there are indeed some design colleges in India like us that can offer you such opportunities. INSD in particular gives you the chance to go on a study trip tour to Paris, France, where you meet and interact with some of the best minds like Ms. Eva Graine Samama and Mr. Christian Guellerin. You will also get to explore the works of upcoming designers through runway fashion weeks in collaboration with other houses and agencies. Such a practical, hands-on approach will help you immensely in blossoming into the fashion expert you always wanted to be. Your thought canvas, your world of ideas will be stretched and expanded greatly due to such a high-profile exposure. And isn’t that what creative work is all about – great ideas?

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If you already have the skills and everything else that is needed in the grey matter in order to become successful, all you need is a little nudge and lots of creative inspiration. International School of Design is precisely the best choice for this reason. Regular runway weeks, fashion shows, ramp walks and other forms of practical execution will keep you on your toes and always ready to take on the world. If you want to beat the competition, if you want to stay ahead of the rest, you will have to push the boundaries of your abilities further constantly. Hear what Faizal, 2nd year student of Bachelors program in Fashion Technology has to say about the insd experience:

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At INSD, I have the freedom to explore and develop myself in my area of interest using the school’s resources, guidance from the mentors and a creative community that is a constant source of inspiration.”

See what I mean? If you think you have in you what it takes to be a champ, then opt for nothing but the best. Settle for INSD, settle for life.


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