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Loafing Around

Yes that’s a terrible title but surely it would be rude not to?

It’s loafer time.

The sun is out and I can SMELL Summer so it’s time for some loafer love.  You don’t have to bare the ankles like I do (fast walking puts pay to blisters, I promise!) you could always wear socks.

We’re heading into that time of year when it’s difficult to know what to put on your feet. It’s hot but still not bathroom slipper hot. Clearly not a proper fashion term but it pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? You’re sick and tired of the boots (not me personally but…), it’s not warm enough for sandals but you want something smarter than trainers.

There are of course ballet flats – there are also sling back courts (having a vintage style revival).  But there are also most definitely loafers.

I invested three years ago and again last year in one from tods which I LOVE but you really don’t have to spend that much on them at all.


  1. Rosso Brunello – Surely this shop needs no introduction. Located at the South Extension part of Delhi, Rosso Brunello is every shoe lover’s paradise and a must-visit for those interested in high-end loafers from a reputed brand. If you like your loafers a little extra fancy, you can opt for the textured penny buckle loafers. They are available at about 12,000 bucks. This shoe is a stylish way to beat the heat this summer. You can put on the black loafers with metal embellishment for a more sophisticated and elegant appearance. If I were going to work on a Friday or on a first date with a lovely lady, I’d definitely opt for this one. Rosso also gives you the option of trying out the loafers with tassels, in case you want to add a bit of zing to the way you look.

rosso brunello delhi

  1. Balujas – If you have ever done shopping at Connaught Place, Delhi, you must have come across the shoe store by Balujas. Though I have never purchased anything from this particular store, many of my fashion fiesta pals frequent it. So whatever follows about the Balujas will be based on the account of my pals who have been there (& their bragging on social media!!). The store is an initiative of the Balujas Group who have ventured into multiple fields ranging from footwear retail to manufacturing, hospitality, real estate and even education. But let’s not bore you with all that mumbo jumbo. Let’s talk shoes at Balujas. If you are keen on making a fashion statement with your loafers, you should definitely give the Balujas Shoe Smith loafers a go. The shoes are up for grabs mostly within the bracket of 1500 to 1600 bucks, which means that even the stylish “aam admi” can rock with these loafers. A more classy alternative is that of Shoe Smith Tan men’s line, which come without any fussy design.

laujas insd

  1. Modello Domani – Founded by the young & dynamic Ayush Khurana in 2015, this shoe store is a great example of how one can have the best of both worlds. High quality materials, perfect finishing and super stylish design – all of this but at a comparatively cheaper rate, compared to the international shoe brands. What really amazes me about this store is not the wide range of shoes including the loafers, not even the aesthetically soothing interior design of the shop. What really fascinates me is that the exquisite Gommino Suede Loafers are completely hand-stitched and the bow is leather woven, while leather lining has been used for greater comfort along with a dotted rubber sole for better gripping. All of these features come for just about 5000 INR, whereas at Rosso Brunello you have to shell out something in the range of 7 to 8K for your preferred loafer. And when I say that a wide range of loafers are offered by this store, I mean every word by it. For loafers come in colours as varied as English blue, Military Green, wine red, brown, grey, dark blue, rolex green, black, bronze, navy, purple and Beige.

modello domani insd

  1. Bata – If you are like me, then you like to have a separate set of shoes for every occasion. For instance, I would never wear an expensive loafer to the casual hangout at my friend’s place. I mean, that just sounds wrong, doesn’t it? I agree. That’s precisely why I always opt for loafers and moccasins from Bata whenever I want to try out casual wear. The Bata stores in Delhi have a good collection, and I can vouch for the quality, since I bought a Hush Puppies loafer at about 2000 rupees about six months back. I wear it for everyday usage and therefore I think it is safe to say that the loafer is perfectly worth the 2 thousand bucks that I shelled out for it.

bata insd

  1. Berleigh – The one-stop premium shoe shop in Delhi & Mumbai, this is a store that you simply must visit if you want try on loafers from the world’s biggest shoe manufacturing brands like Duke & Dexter. The shoes come with a hefty price tag, ranging from 18k to over 30k even. But one would probably say that it is worth the expense, since the shoes are extra-awesome, in more ways than one. Once again, you have the luxury of spoiling yourself with choices, as you can try hues like black, brown & red, depending on whether you have a romantic date or you were just scoffed at by your boss.

Berleigh insd



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