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Life in Delhi as an Insdian

Every college/university has its own charm, and so does INSD- Delhi. Located within the North Campus of Delhi University, the International School of Design greets designing aspirants with the zest of DU-North Campus.

Life at INSD is a joy. Aspirants here get a chance to explore and embrace art & creativity. From fashion shows, to outbound trips and industrial expert guidance, INSDIANS explore a lot in the time they spend here.

Delhi University North Campus

The vibe of Delhi University is no new thing for INSDIANS. You get to experience all of it as a student here. From food joints at every step that provides lip smacking food, to budget friendly markets where you can explore the newest trends of fashion, you can find everything near the campus.

Fashion Hub

The nearest metro station to the North Campus, is the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station. Other than this you can also take e-rickshaw and autos to conveniently travel to and fro across the campus. The heart of Delhi lies in its reasonable yet trendiest fashion. You can explore fashion hot stops around Kamla Nagar and Vijay Nagar Markets, which is a hop-skip-jump from North Campus. To put together a perfect outfit, it takes a lot more than just clothes, and here you can find everything from accessories starting at Rs. 30 to trendy clothes starting at just Rs. 200 & 250.


Several food joints around North Delhi can curb your craving for a pocket friendly meal, and remind you of the perfect home-made food that you were looking for. To get the vibe of fancy eateries in your budget, you can try cafes in the Hudson Lane, like the University Bistro, BYD, For God’s Cakes, Outdoor Cafe, and many more.

Experience Delhi

At INSD, we open doors to a whole new world of interests for you. The six different departments here, dive deeper into the galaxy of designing where- Graphic Design develops an artistic mind in you, Fashion Design strengthens your ability to visualize, Interior Design persuades in you detail orientation, Jewellery Design develops in you the perceptive nature, Textile Design establishes in you the understanding of colour, texture and pattern, and Animation Design improves your imagination skills.

Apart from the curriculum at INSD, students also get the privilege to be a part of our two week Paris Tour, where INSDIANS undergo trainings with industry professionals, and receive practical knowledge about their sector of learning.

INSDIANS don’t miss out the fun inside or outside campus. The location of the institute has made everything easily accessible and also gives a vibe of being a part of the heart of institutions in Delhi, the North Campus- DU.

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